Career Development

Valley Health System employees see and plan for the future. They want to continue to grow, develop, and be part of a secure and thriving organization. Valley employees understand the value of education and seek out opportunities to develop their knowledge in their specializations and beyond.

We at Valley Health System believe that our employees are our greatest resource. When we invest in the education and career development of our employees, we take important steps to elevate the high-quality health care we provide to a whole new level of expertise. Our educational and career advancement benefits offer something for everyone, no matter where an employee’s experience level or interest lies.

Educational Programs and Courses taught by the Educational Department’s professional educators address the ins and outs of new clinical skills and technology, assist with on-line credentialing, teach CPR and first aid, offer staff development training in leadership and workplace skills, and much more in nearly 100 topics. The educators also act as a resource for other mentors and educators in the Valley Health System.

Valley’s Center for the Advancement of Holistic Knowledge and Practice teaches holistic practice and self-care techniques to the Valley Health System community. The Center’s holistic practitioners are dedicated to the delivery of care of the mind/body/spirit and to the co-creation of a health environment at The Valley Hospital, Valley Home Care, and Valley Medical Group.

Valley’s Leadership Institute includes one- and two-day off-site retreats and one-day preparatory “boot camps” to support the continued professional growth of all members of the Valley Health System management team.

Tuition Assistance is offered for full-time and part-time employees in certain job classifications after six (6) months of employment for graduate and undergraduate courses at accredited academic institutions.

New Hire Orientation Program is presented monthly by Valley’s Education Department and representatives of other departments.

Internal Job Openings: postings and open houses provide opportunities for Valley employees to learn what jobs are open throughout the organization.

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