Genetic Counselor – New Grads are welcomed to apply!!

Area of Talent: Professional Clinical
Organization: The Valley Hospital
Shift: Day
Status: Full Time
Job Description:
New Grads are welcomed to apply!!
Provides counseling to patients and families about various topics related to genetic disorders (i.e., risks and limitations of diagnostic techniques, medical and psychological problems associated With disorders, effectiveness of treatment, risk of occurrence and recurrence). * Provides prenatal genetic counseling as requested by medical staff in the OB/GYN department. Remains available during amniocentesis consultation as needed. * Provides counseling about reproductive losses and hospital consultation as needed. * Provides consultation regarding teratogenicity due to exposure to a variety of medications, drugs and/or environmental agents and about carrier testing and/or molecular genetic testing. * Provides follow-up counseling and maintains clinical caseload. * Interviews patients and families to obtain relevant genetic, medical and psychological information. Evaluates data supplied to determine proper plan of diagnostic treatment. * Demonstrates positive behaviors toward patients, families, physicians, and all co-workers. Responds to customers of all age groups in a friendly, prompt, and caring manner while maintaining confidentiality. Promotes mutual respect and professionalism. Partners with team members to meet the needs of the patient. * Participates in the hospital’s performance improvement process to continuously improve the quality of patient care and service delivery. Refers patients to physicians, therapists, or appropriate others for future counseling or treatment. * Supplies information to patients regarding reproductive alternatives to be considered in the event of genetic disorders (i.e., contraception, therapeutic abortion, adoption, and artificial insemination). * Communicates information about methods used to determine carrier state, in order to arrange for testing of other family members when appropriate. * Assists geneticist with pediatric genetic consultation and discusses all cases with consulting geneticist and the private M.D. as needed. * Completes reports in AS system to generate appropriate charges. * Prepares and maintains current case records for each patient noting the nature of medical and social problems and makes summaries related to patients’ progress. * Conducts research to obtain information relevant to the case. * Provides inservice meetings to hospital nursing staff, medical staff, and parents. * Enhances personal growth and development through participation in educational programs, inservice meetings, workshops, lectures, self-studies, genetic conferences, etc. * Focuses on situations, issues, facts and not on person. * Demonstrates knowledge and maintains confidentiality of all hospital information related to hospital matters from unauthorized release. * Seeks and accepts education to learn new skill(s) and maintains current competencies. * Performs service and department specific functions as identified by the competency/skills checklist. * Understands and supports Valley Hospital’s mission statement, vision and values and guiding principles. * Demonstrates positive behaviors toward patients, families, physicians, and all co-workers. Promotes mutual respect and professionalism. Uses proper phone etiquette. * Committed to participate and actively supports the Hospital’s quality improvement process in an effort to continuously improve the quality of patient care using quality indicator guidelines. * Dresses in uniform or conservative normal business attire in accordance with hospital dress code. Maintains a neat, clean, and professional appearance. Wears identification badge. * Adheres to the Hospital’s smoke free environment policy. * Observes the Hospital’s policy on telephone usage. * Operates equipment in a safe manner. * Adheres to Hospital policies and procedures which comply with OSHA standards (i.e., Hospital Fire & Safety, Infection Control, etc.). * Understands department’s role in the event a disaster is declared in the local area. * Strives to be a positive member of the institution and looks for opportunities to make positive Statements about the department and the Hospital. * Maintains a clean and safe working environment. * Performs other duties as required and/or requested based on the needs of the patient, department and organization.

Minimal physical efforts. Requires hand-washing.

Hospital environment. May have exposure to agitated, delirious, confused patients and/or family members exhibiting aggressive displays of threatening and/or violent behavior.

Computer skills – Hewlett Packard (Critical Care Only) Meditech – Appropriate to Dept./Unit/Area Establish proficiency in AS OBGYN Software * Education – Master’s degree in genetic counseling. * Experience: At least 0 to 2 years clinical in the field. * Special Skills/licensure/certification: Good written and oral communication skills. * Current CPR certification.

Location: Ridgewood, NJ

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